Campaign update, end of Tier 6 phase

Phew, 8 days of Tier 6 games is now finally over and the Tier 8 phase will start today. Missed a few days of fights, but still got a decent amount of Fame points (3,985) for top 6000 position, so still on track for that sweet Object 907 swagwagon 😛

We had some hilarious moments, and I even made a little video from one game to sum up the T6 campaign meta… Was supposed to upload it on YT now, but ofc I forgot the USB stick with the vid on my desk, so it’ll have to wait for the evening.

Tanks one will need for the Tier 6 campaign :

T37 , Cromwell (scouting, open maps)

T-150, KV-85 (city maps, defences)

Kudos to -MM for being awesome people, and WG for excluding Mountain Pass from the map pool. Can’t wait to start spamming IS-3 and T-54lw today !

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