T6 campaign stage recap

T8 stage started and it’s time to look back on the stage 1.

Had good fun and a nice stash of fame points towards the prize tank. I’m also very surprised by the performance of the MadMen clan, They are a very laidback bunch, but can certainly deliver and I have been enjoying my time being on teams that can challenge and beat even Top 10 clans in the game.

Even though the 7v7 Tier 6 is generally fast and furious rush pvp, decided by proper focus firing, surprisingly many clans still played for draws (meaning, camp with heavies, even when they attack), only to maximize the clan fame point income.

I think this video (not to be taken seriously, as I hold NOS-G in high respect), shows how bad the T6 meta can get 😛

-MM vs. NOS-G

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