The Great Rebalance !

Wargaming has just recently launched an interesting initiative to involve players in to the next iteration of major balance changes in to the game.

They are launching a new sandbox server where they will invite players to test incoming changes to tanks and game mechanics.

For me, these are exciting news, as there are a lot of issues where I believe it is such involvement of the playerbase can really benefit the game, and as a long time player, not all balance changes Wargaming has done in recent years have been thoroughly thought out. It could be even said that some of them have been horrible disasters, and even predicted to be such by a part of then current players.

I am looking forward to seeing artillery reworked, and tank class roles redefined.

With the addition of many many new tanks, there are now Heavy tanks that play like medium tanks, medium tanks that play like heavy tanks, tank destroyers that play like heavy tanks or medium tanks and due map changes light tanks as a role have disappeared, but some light tanks are still very playable as medium tanks … And artillery is mostly borked.

It is not surprising if newer players are a bit lost in that jungle, and finding it difficult to play the tanks they acquire properly.

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