AMX 13 57 GF – French Tier 7 Light Tank

Got myself the french premium Tier 7 light tank, to play with. I’ve been looking at it since it was released, as I have always enjoyed the french lights with the clips, and this one takes it to the new level with 10 shells in the drum. Also it came with a 100% crew, which is nice as I am nearing the end of my AMX 30 grind and I want to move my current AMX 13 90 crew in to the Tier 9 medium. This new crew from the 13 57 will fit nicely as a replacement for my 13 90.

So the tank …

It’s light, it is mobile, it has decent camo, and a decent ability to dish out pain on unsuspecting enemies. The empahis here is on the unsuspecting, as to do any serious damage you have to find an isolated or distracted target that you can surprise and make sure he does not get to shoot back while you pump your 10 shells ( one per second 😛 ) in to his weakspots.

All in all – it is a fun tank to play but unforgiving. Punishment for mistakes is hard and getting spotted in an awkward place is usually rewarded with a quick trip in to garage.






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